Technical Parameters

Features Standard Advanced
Material TG≥130℃, TG≥150℃,TG≥170℃ FR4; CTI≥600℃, Halogen free FR4,CAF resistance
Special Material Ceramic Base, Aluminum Base, Rogers Base, Teflon Base, High-speed Material
Maximum Layer Count 20 30
Maximum PCB Size 580*460mm [23*18"] 580*530mm [23*21"]
Minimum Inner Layer Trace/Spacing(0.5oz) 3/3 mil 2.5/2.5 mil
Minimum Outer Layer Trace/Spacing(0.5oz) 3/3 mil 2.5/2.5 mil
Maximum PCB Thickness 3.6mm [0.142"] 4.5mm [0.177"]
Minimum PCB Thickness 0.4mm [0.016"] 0.2mm [0.008"]
Minimum Mechancial Drill Size 0.2mm [0.008"] 0.1mm[0.004"]
Minimum Laser Drill Size 0.1mm [0.004"] 0.08mm [0.003"]
Maximum PCB Aspect Ratio 8:01 12:01
Inner-layer Base Copper Weight 0.5-12 oz 0.5-12 oz
Outer Layer Base Copper Weight 0.5-14 oz 0.5-14 oz
Minimum Dielectric Thickness 76µm [0.003"] 50µm [0.002"]
Minimum Solder Mask Dam 100µm [0.004"] 76µm [0.003"]
Profile Tolerance ± 150µm [0.006"] ± 100µm [0.004"]
Surface finishing ENIG, Gold Fingers, OSP, HASL with lead, Lead free HASL ...
Special Surface Pealable Mask, Carbon Ink
HDI Features Standard Advanced
Minimum Microvia Hole Size 0.1mm [0.004"] 0.08mm [0.003"]
Maximum Aspect Ratio 8:01 10:01
Stacked Microvias Y Y
Blind Vias Filled Y Y
Buried Filled Vias Y Y
Maximum No. of Buildup Layers 2+N+2 2+N+2


PCB Technologies Standard Advanced
Rigid‐Flex & Flexible Circuits Y Y
Buried and Blind Vias Y Y
Sequential Lamination Y Y
Impedance Control ± 10% ± 5%
Aluminum PCB Y Y
Non‐Conductive Via Fill (VIP)  Y Y
Countersink Holes Y Y
Edge Plating  Y Y