Quality Assurance

At our printed circuit board (PCB) facility, quality is central to our mission. We're dedicated to surpassing customer expectations and industry standards. Our meticulous Quality Management System (QMS) ensures precise control and monitoring at every production step, resulting in reliable, high-performance PCBs.

Quality Management Highlights:

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Design for Manufacturability

Our quality journey begins in design. Our engineering team collaborates with clients to optimize PCB designs for manufacturability and ensure efficient production.

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Supplier Qualification

We rigorously select and evaluate raw material suppliers, guaranteeing top-notch materials for our PCB manufacturing.

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PCB Process Control

Monitored processes ensure consistency and adherence to specifications, utilizing advanced equipment for precision and to minimize variability.

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Testing and Inspection

Rigorous checks at all critical stages, including visual, appearance, electrical, and functional testing, identify and rectify defects or deviations.

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Continuos Improvement

Embracing the philosophy of continuous improvement, customer and internal feedback enhances our processes for even higher-quality PCBs.

QMS Requirements:

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Quality Management

Our QMS is certified to IATF16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015, reflecting our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

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IPC Standard

Adhering to IPC-A-600 and IPC6012 standards ensures consistency, reliability, and compliance with industry requirements.

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Traceable identifiers for each PCB enable comprehensive traceability of components and processes, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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Document Control

All processes, procedures, and specifications are documented, controlled, and regularly reviewed to ensure accuracy and relevance.


Our commitment to quality defines our PCB manufacturing. Through stringent quality methods, IPC standard adherence, and a continuous improvement mindset, we consistently deliver PCBs that meet your requirements. With a focus on precision, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we take pride in being your trusted partner for all your PCB needs.