Conflict Minerals Procurement Policy

FUJIAN FUQIANG DELICATE CIRCUIT PLATE CO., LTD is committed to responsible sourcing and ethical business practices. We have implemented a Conflict Minerals Procurement Policy to ensure that our supply chain is free from minerals sourced from conflict-affected regions, where their extraction and trade may contribute to human rights abuses, violence, and environmental degradation. 

Our policy requires the traceability of all products containing gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co), and palladium (Pd). We conduct thorough due diligence to trace the origin of these minerals and verify their conflict-free status. All our suppliers are required to complete a survey questionnaire to provide information on the origin and chain of custody of these minerals.We communicate and extend this policy to our upstream suppliers, emphasizing the importance of responsible sourcing practices and compliance with our Conflict Mineral Procurement Policy. 

We strictly adhere to internationally recognized guidelines, such as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and work closely with our suppliers to verify the origin of minerals in our products. Our policy promotes transparency, due diligence, and the support of responsible mineral sourcing initiatives.

We actively seek to partner with suppliers who share our commitment to avoiding the use of conflict minerals, and we continuously monitor and assess our supply chain to ensure compliance with our policy. By adhering to this policy, we aim to contribute to peace, stability, and sustainability in the regions affected by the trade of conflict minerals.