Technical Strength


National High-Tech Enterprise

Recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise, our company has consistently prioritized sustained technological research and innovation. Emphasizing the transformation of technical achievements, we have garnered the trust of numerous partners through our commitment to high quality and credibility. With years of development, we have met the stringent criteria for National High-tech Enterprise certification, achieving industry recognition and acclaim in areas such as technical prowess, operational management, and financial strength.


Provincial Technical Center

Acknowledged as the 33rd batch of Provincial Enterprise Technology Centers in Fujian, our company boasts a comprehensive technical center structure and innovative organizational system. We make substantial investments in technological innovation, actively recruit the talents, and equip ourselves with advanced RD facilities. Our commitment lies in parallel pursuit of independent innovation and continuous technological research and development.


Expert Workstation

Recognized as the 13th batch of Fuzhou Science and Technology Association's Expert Workstation, our collaboration involves industry-academia-research partnerships. We focus on advanced PCB production technology through expert teams, leveraging our collective strengths to accelerate the application of cutting-edge technologies. This drives high-quality development in the province's PCB manufacturing industry.


Invention Patents, Works

We hold 3 granted invention patents, 43 utility model patents, and 5 software copyrights. Additionally, 11 invention patents and 2 utility model patents are currently under review. This robust portfolio reflects our commitment to innovation and continuous advancement in intellectual property.