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Rigid PCB

Product Details

Model: 1072
Layer Counts: 6
Stacking: 1+N+1
Via: 1-6 layers of Through-vias,
1-2 layers, 5-6 layers with 0.1mm blind holes,
2-5 layers of 0.2mm buried holes.
Trace Width/Spacing: 4mil/4mil

The customized HDI PCB is a technologically advanced circuit board designed to meet the needs of miniaturization and high performance of complex electronic devices. It achieves high-density wiring by using thinner wires, smaller pads, and micro-hole technology. This allows HDI PCB to accommodate more electronic components in a limited space, meeting the increasingly compact design needs of modern electronic products. HDI PCBs usually have more layers and can support multi-layer design, providing greater flexibility and functional integration for circuit design.

Technical Advantages
HDI PCB from China has higher wiring density and signal integrity due to its laser drilling and interlayer stacking technology. Micro-hole technology allows more connection points to be added to the circuit board, effectively shortening the signal path, reducing electrical losses, and improving signal transmission speed and quality. This design not only reduces electromagnetic interference but also significantly improves product reliability and performance. In addition, HDI PCB can integrate more functional modules, making product design more compact, which is conducive to high-performance computing and fast data processing, so it is widely used in smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, and other fields.

Application Fields
The high performance and high-density characteristics of customized HDI PCB from China make it widely used in modern electronic products, especially those with extremely high requirements for size and performance. These applications have strict requirements on the size and weight of the circuit board, and this PCB product can achieve more functions in a limited space through its compact design and high integration while ensuring electrical performance and reliability. Its flexible design capabilities and high-density characteristics make high-density interconnected printed circuit boards play a key role in the miniaturization and complexity of electronic equipment, providing strong support for the development of modern electronic products.

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