Product details:   Layer:6 layer Copper:1 oz for all layers Surface: Immersion gold When using quality bare PCB boards, strictly control temperature and humidity to prevent mechanical damage and contamination, and regularly perform electrical performance inspections and maintenance

Product details:   Material:Halogen free FR4 Layer:2 layer Solder mask : Black Solder mask Surface:Lead free Hot air leveling Application:XIAO MI Portable Electric Air Compressor 

Product details:   Material:Halogen free FR4, TG≥170℃ Layer:4- layer Solder mask:Halogen free solder mask  Surface:Immersion gold Surface finishing Application:Aerospace PCB, Cabin Seat Control 

Product details:   Layer:6- layer Surface:Immersion gold Surface finishing Others:Impedance Control  Application : Medical Dental Device, Oral Health Treatment Device

Product details:   Layer:2- layer Surface:OSP Application:Smart Toilet Control Panel, PCBs for consumer and home appliances

Product details:   Layer:2- layer Surface:Lead free HASL Application:EV charging Station, Electric Vehicle Charger 

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