Resin filling PCB

Product details:   Layer:6 layer Copper:1 oz for all layers Surface: Immersion gold When using quality bare PCB boards, strictly control temperature and humidity to prevent mechanical damage and contamination, and regularly perform electrical performance inspections and maintenance

Portable Air Compressor PCB

Product details:   Material:Halogen free FR4 Layer:2 layer Solder mask : Black Solder mask Surface:Lead free Hot air leveling Application:XIAO MI Portable Electric Air Compressor 

Airline Seat PCB

Product details:   Material:Halogen free FR4, TG≥170℃ Layer:4- layer Solder mask:Halogen free solder mask  Surface:Immersion gold Surface finishing Application:Aerospace PCB, Cabin Seat Control 

Oral Detection Board

Product details:   Layer:6- layer Surface:Immersion gold Surface finishing Others:Impedance Control  Application : Medical Dental Device, Oral Health Treatment Device

Smart Toilet Board

Product details:   Layer:2- layer Surface:OSP Application:Smart Toilet Control Panel, PCBs for consumer and home appliances

EV Charging Station PCB

Product details:   Layer:2- layer Surface:Lead free HASL Application:EV charging Station, Electric Vehicle Charger 
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