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High-Speed PCB

Key Specifications: Selected material:TG≥170℃, TU-933 , low DK, high-Speed Material Surface treatment:ENIG+Gold fingers Outline tolerance:+/-0.1mm (partial +/-0.05mm) Impedance control:95+/-7% ohm Via design:Laser drilling, Mechanical drilling Application:Service and data center optical modules

Aluminum PCB

Key Specifications: Material: TG≥150℃,CTI≥600V Aluminum substrate Cu thickness: 4OZ (140μm ) PCB thickness: 2.0mm Surface: LFHAL Dielectric thickness: 100μm Hi-Pot Withstand: 4KVDC (According to IPC-TM-650 ) Thermal conductivity: ≥3.0 W/m.K Application: Motor control power board for Electric Vehicles

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